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First and foremost, I am sorry that I have not written more about SM until now.

I tend to be in place most often in the Swedish championship in table tennis but not this time which obviously I think is sad.

For those of us who were not there, I would have liked to been streaming all day. Many of us agree with, I know.

In HS so it was a display of SUIF in width, 5 of 8/4 finalists came from SUIF, 2 from Halmstad and one from Eslv.

On the women’s side, the spread was much better with eight different clubs represented in the quarter-finals.

* A mini break, sitting on my life’s worst lecture. So this is worse than playing against Bennborn and be screw-blind *

Kristian Karlsson defended their gold from 2014, which many of us also thought. Kristian is growing into a new big star, best in Sweden yes, now we hope the next step seriously and that he can do as Freitas and 1-2 years to become a European one.

More surprising was that Jennifer Jonsson would be victorious in the women’s singles. Matildas WO in the middle of the race against Scaup helped of course, but to win against other Sweden little time with expectant Swede Sun Jie in the forefront impressive.

* Part 1 of the lecture finished. I survived. Feeling a little like Leo DiCaprio in Titanic, you know when he is in the water at the raft and freezes. Salvation is close but probably I will die *

That the siblings Kllberg would win mixed doubles are no super sensational but more very funny. Stina was far advanced in several classes in general just like Anton (gold in HJ20 and 3 years left in the class) and together get permission to say they dominated the SM. They’ve also time around.

Jennifer Jonsson may otherwise be seen as SMS queen with gold in singles and in doubles additionally along with Stina Zetterstrm plus a bronze in the DJ20.

* Even though I walk in the shadow of death valley, I fear no evil, for you are with me; your body and your gums, they comfort me. *